Jade head shot

Inspired by personal experiences and struggles with cultural and linguistic identity, Jade returned to the states after 8 years in Barcelona in 2017 to focus on the link between cultural identity and language education using the arts as a vehicle for understanding and community building. She went on to receive her Masters in Arts Administration from Drexel University focusing on enhancing cultural awareness through theatre and language education. 

Having organically evolved her work from teaching English as a foreign language to working on the importance of bilingual and dual language support systems and teaching, Jade’s frequent conversations with Latinx friends and colleagues about their own identity struggles and longing to speak Spanish “perfectly” led to the creation of ¡Looking Bilingüe! With storytelling as her tool, Jade hopes to continue providing a platform of celebration and pride for Latino/a/x/e people, specifically 1-3rd gen, los de ni de aquí, ni de allá.

¡LB! Mission Statement

¡Looking Bilingüe! is a storytelling celebration of multiculturalism and multilingualism in the Latinx/e community seen through a growing collection of vibrant conversations, soul-baring interviews and unifying stories. By acknowledging the multifaceted realities of “Looking Bilingual” such as racism, colorism, language ability, Spanglish tendencies and more, we are able to amplify visibility and archive our stories right where they are on our journey and how that has impacted lives personally and professionally. Providing a platform and archive for our stories, we recognize the struggles to juggle more than one culture and reality all at the same time while also taking the time to rejoice, laugh and celebrate being ni de aquí, ni de allá.